Union Township

Phoenix Business Park

Behling Dixon Holdings, L.P. is developing the Phoenix Business Park on 130 acres in Union Township, Pennsylvania.

Behling Dixon Holdings, L.P. (BDH) was formed in 2005 as a result of conversations the partners Carl Behling and Robert Dixon had regarding their individual need for property to expand their companies. Each had experienced difficulty finding suitable land to build upon or existing buildings to purchase. Mr. Behling owns/operates a small arms manufacturing business and Mr. Dixon owns/operates a commercial construction company. A public/private partnership was formed by BDH and the Redevelopment Authority to develop a multi-use business park on the 130 acres of land in Union Township .

Much of the property is a brownfield with forty acres of gob pile (coal refuse) and 11,000 tons of illegal waste located on it. The park development will mitigate both environmental problems, prepare the land for development, construct an access road into and through the Park, and create “pad ready” sites for businesses and industries. Phase I of the project has begun which will develop the first 40 acres and create a site ready for the construction of two buildings for BDH partners, Carl Behling and Robert Dixon.

This project contributes to the reduction of urban sprawl by providing a business location that will be developed on a brownfield site rather than undeveloped land. Public roads, utility infrastructure, and public transportation are nearby. It is estimated that initially this project will create 300 living wage jobs and over a ten-year period it will create 1,300 jobs.

This project is consistent with the Washington County Comprehensive Plan and would fulfill Washington County ’s land use goals for strengthening economic growth, improving livability, and promoting environmental quality. The redevelopment and utilization of this Brownfield property would increase local and county tax revenues. Other major benefits of the development of the Phoenix Business Park include the following:

  • A large 40-acre “gob pile” will be reclaimed
  • The gob pile’s dangerous highwalls will be removed
  • A dangerous site will no longer be used by operators of all-terrain recreational vehicles
  • An unregulated landfill will be remediated
  • A stream, original to the property, will be re-established
  • Three ponds will be created
  • Family sustaining jobs will be created during the reprocessing, remediation, and development of the Park
  • Long-term employment opportunities will be generated as businesses move into the Park
  • Tax revenues will be increased for the township, school district and County
  • Undesirable land will be redeveloped rather than green space being developed
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