Staff Listing

William R. McGowen – Executive Director

Cynthia B. Kotowski- Assistant Executive Director


Office Staff

Nelia Cook – Assistant Housing Director

Greg Demarest – Rehabilitation Specialist

Vicki Dietrich – Assistant Office Manager

Kerry Fox – Community Development Specialist

Jackie Stewart – Rehabilitation Specialist

Anna Gazi – Rehabilitation Specialist

Robert Griffin – Economic Development Director

Stacy Hirst – Secretary

James Hott – Housing Director

Cynthia Linville – Home Improvement Director

Janna Luton – Accountant

Tammy Mayton – Community Development Specialist

Sean McCardell – Accounting Assistant

Susan Morgan – Brownfields & Municipal Planning Manager

Robert Phillips – Assistant Community Development Director

Rebecca Spina – Finance Director

Nathan Voytek – Community Development Specialist

Brenda Williamson – Community Development Senior Director

Janelle Yamber – Office and Personnel Manager

Housing Facilities Staff

Judith Bayer, Site Office Manager (Century Plaza and Claysville Apartments)

John Bury, Building Superintendent (Crest Avenue Apartments)

Donald Campbell, Building Superintendent (Canon House)

Nick Cross, Building Superintendent (Century Plaza)

Frank Kovacicek, Building Superintendent

Karen Ehko, Site Office Manager (Crest Avenue Apartments)

Darlene Kuhn, Site Office Manager (Canon and Burgettstown Apartments)

Donetta LaRue, Site Office Manager (Canon House)

Chris Maloy, Building Superintendent (Burgettstown and Claysville Apartments)

Scott Miller, Building Superintendent (Liberty Tower)

Mark Pinardi, Building Superintendent (Liberty Tower)

Kathy Rigby, Site Office Manager (Char House)

Bernie Schultz, Building Superintendent

Ralph Stasko, Building Superintendent (Char House)

Randy Tunney, Building Superintendent (Char House)

Edward Wiltrout, Building Superintendent (Canon Apartments)