South Franklin/Green Hills Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.33.53 AMSouth Franklin Township and Green Hills Borough have entered into a cooperation agreement to develop a Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan. South Franklin is a rural municipality South of the City of Washington covering 21.1 square miles. The Borough of Green Hills is the adjacent municipality to the West covering 1.0 square miles, which is mostly used as the Lone Pine Country Club Golf Course. The planning consultant for the project is Mackin Engineering. South Franklin and Green Hills are undertaking this plan to better prepare for future growth within the communities. A Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan gives the municipalities a guide to how their communities could be developed.

The Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan will describe how, and at what pace, the communities plan to develop physically, economically and socially. The Plan will assist the communities to lead its growth and development and will be an important tool to prevent degradation of natural resources, preserve prime agricultural land, protect historic buildings, maintain the commercial and economic base, provide good public facilities and utilities and improve the quality of the housing stock. Also, implementation of the Plan will provide more funding opportunities to both municipalities for projects such as sewerage.

The development of the Plan began in July 2008 and has progressed every month with the help of the Joint Municipal Steering Committee. A public meeting was held on November 18, 2008, which gathered feedback from community residents from public comments and a printed Survey. The second public meeting was held July 13, 2009. The agenda for this meeting is posted below.

The Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan has been successfully completed and adopted by both municipalities. The Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan is available by clicking the link below or by visiting either municipality. Questions should be directed to South Franklin Township at (724) 225-4828 or Green Hills Borough at (724) 222-4844.

Official Website

Final Draft Sections



Table of Contents


Section 1. Area Profile

Section 2. The Vision

Section 3. Needs Assessment

Section 4. Implementation Plan

Implementation Matrix


Historic Resources


Final Draft Maps

Map 1.1 Hydrology

Map 1.2 Development Constraints

Map 1.3 Transportation

Map 1.4 Existing Land Use

Map 1.5 Community Facilities & Utilities

Map 1.6 Airport Aerial Surface Boundary

Map 4.1 Future Land Use

Map 4.2 Targeted Area for Investment

Map 4.3 Future Infrastructure Needs