Smith Township

American Zinc Site

This site was a former zinc smelting business from 1915-1945. From 1949-1978 the property was owned and operated by Bologna Coal Company. Now, the present owner is Phelps Dodge Corporation (PDC) of Phoenix, AZ and has denied any responsibility or liability regarding the cleanup of the site. In lieu of litigation, agreed to fund environmental analysis and study for remediation and redevelopment. The RACW is helping to identify state and federal grants available for environmental remediation and site development. This property provides an opportunity for the Smith Township/Burgettstown/Slovan area to receive a desperately needed insurgence of Business Development, which will provide new job opportunities and much needed revenues to the Municipalities. The project activities will include property acquisition, environmental remediation, demolition of existing buildings and infrastructure improvements, and the assemblage of sites for industrial usage. This project contributes to the reduction of urban sprawl by providing a business location that will be developed on a brownfield site rather than undeveloped land. Public roads, utility infrastructure, and public transportation are nearby. The benefits of redeveloping this property could include the decrease of environmental and health risks and a business locating to the property and creating family sustaining jobs.