Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Press Release recently announced $111.9 million in grants awarded nationwide for environmental assessment and clean-up of brownfield sites and for capitalizing Revolving Loan Funds. RACW was awarded a $1 million Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) grant. RACW is one of only 20 RLF recipients nationwide to receive a RLF grant. RACW will use the EPA funds to create a countywide RLF Program that will provide communities and businesses with financial assistance for the clean-up of brownfield sites. Municipalities and non-profits will be eligible to receive loans and sub-grants through the RLF Program. Businesses will be eligible for loans. Contamination on properties that were formerly used for industrial, commercial, and mining purposes can be remediated through the RLF Program. This grant provides the funds necessary for remediation of contamination on numerous brownfield sites, which will enable more brownfields to be redeveloped and put back to productive use in Washington County. RACW will function as a sustainable source of environmental cleanup loans to support brownfield redevelopment within the County by ensuring that loans are repaid on time and by obtaining additional funds through state and federal sources.

Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Program Guidelines

Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund “Subgrant Option” Program Guidelines

Preliminary Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Program Application