Brownfield Links

The Land Recycling Program
The Land Recycling Program encourages private cleanups of contaminated properties and the return of those sites to productive use.

EPA Brownfield Program
On this site, you can find information about US EPA’s Brownfields Program including the Brownfields Law, US EPA Brownfields Grants, technical tools and resources as well as information on brownfields projects across the county.

The Brownfields Center
The Brownfields Center (TBC) was founded on the recognized need to integrate multiple disciplines to realize potential benefits from revitalizing idle industrial sites. TBC brings together a variety of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh to study relationships among Brownfield development, urban infrastructure renewal, economic development and the quality of life, in order to support the process of returning idle industrial sites to productive uses. It is the mission of TBC to become a catalyst for the development of Brownfield sites by facilitating the removal of barriers to market entry for potentially interested parties. TBC site presents Case Studies, Projects and Support Tools for interested parties.

PA SiteSearch
On the PA SiteSearch site you can post a property, find a property, research programs for development assistance, and access county profiles. The information on this site makes relocating or expanding business in Pennsylvania easier for you.

Washington County Website
TheĀ Washington County website is an informational site about governmental departments and services.

Washington County Chamber of Commerce
The website of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce provides information about the multiple aspects of life that contribute to the county including workforce, real estate, arts and entertainment, and leadership. The opportunities the Chamber creates for county residents and the programs that facilitate these opportunities are found here.

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission
The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, or SPC, is the regional planning agency serving the Pittsburgh 10-county area and providing essential services to the region. The official Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), SPC directs the use of all state and federal transportation and economic development funds allocated to the region. SPC is also the region’s designated Local Development District and Economic Development District by the US Appalachian Regional Commission and the US Department of Commerce. In this role, SPC establishes regional economic development priorities and provides a wide range of services to the region.